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Petition to Offer Class on Student Loans

Dear student at Goldman School of Public Policy and/or Berkeley School of Law, Are you interested in a class about student loans? A plan for such a class has already been developed, and a great professor has been identified to teach it. But we need your support to make it happen. The class would be offered through Goldman, and cross-listed at Berkeley Law. The course will review the reasons for government involvement in supporting and regulating higher education, and the strengths and weaknesses of different models of oversight and consumer protection. It will explore the role of interest groups in higher education policy, and discuss the question of higher education as a “public good” and the implications for policy. The course will include analysis of student loan policies and other financing mechanisms. Students will review case studies and will have the opportunity to develop solutions for current challenges in the oversight and funding of higher education institutions. A draft syllabus for the class and information about the professor can be found here: http://bit.ly/1suUwsb To bring this class into existence will require a showing of interest by the student body. Please sign our petition if you think that you would be likely to enroll in this class (schedule permitting).

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